Judith Forst as Lady Sybil

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"I Have Lived Many Times"
Roelof Oostwoud, tenor as Pilgrim

a lyrical full-scale opera in two acts

I have been unable to be free of The DREAM HEALER; it has stayed with me...quite disturbingly at times.

...loved the horrible joy of it all on stage...moments of real terror...on the edge of my seat, time and again.

...the beauty and the mystery and the terror....and oh! the music.  
Margaret Horsfield, writer

The music and the libretto have an obvious visceral impact.  ...totally engrossing...
Robert Sunter, critic

Artistic Directors:
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Set in the Burghölzli Psychiatric Clinic, Zürich, the story is propelled by Dr. Carl Jung’s dream of Pilgrim.   Pilgrim has lived throughout the ages and is tired of living, seeking repeatedly and unsuccessfully to end his life.  

The dream patient, Pilgrim, and his companion, Lady Sybil, become so real and pervasive that they disrupt Jung’s relationships with his wife and family and with his colleagues and patients. 

Lady Sybil asks Jung about disintegration as a symptom of schizophrenia and whether reintegration of the fragments is possible.

Replies Jung, "Sometimes we have to accept that things break into pieces."

"And then?" she asks.

"'And then'" becomes a journey to integrate the real with the unreal, the supposed with the unimaginable, so that new understandings of the human condition are possible.