The Dream Healer is based on Timothy Findley's PILGRIM. Focused on Carl Jung at the Burghölzli Clinic in Zürich, it is a story about disintegration of the psyche.

Early in the opera, Pilgrim's friend, Lady Sybil, asks Jung about disintegration as a symptom of schizophrenia and whether reintegration of the fragments is possible.

Replies Jung, "Sometimes we have to accept that things break into pieces."

"And then?" she asks.

"'And then'" becomes a journey to integrate the real with the unreal, the supposed with the unimaginable, so that new understandings of the human condition are possible.

Carl Jung sought a healing bridge between the known and the unknown worlds of the human mind. This is not just a work of biography, but also about social issues relating to total health - a concept that Jung so amazingly pioneered by broadening our understanding of healing to include not only science but also the humanities and the arts.